Naturopathy is a passion that my parents gave me .


When I was little, my father made me discover wild plants when hiking , mild exercises, anatomy and physiology for his work as a physiotherapist , from my mother ( a pediatric nurse ) I learned patience, compassion, healthy food and many other things such as grandmothers’ herbal remedies.


 I wanted to work with the People in a holistic way, I loved plants, cooking and yoga. Sprinkeled it all with a little bit of Harmony and I fell into the pot of NATUROPATHY *.


I couldn’t find at the time , schools in France which the program met me so, I went to Australia to take a " Bachelor of Naturopathy '' at Southern Cross University in NSW . Then returning home, I continued my training with André Passebecque in the Centre for Research and Education of Orthobiology where I graduated in 2011 and I officially became Naturopath .


 I am fortunate enough to have a wonderful family who supports me in this amazing adventure that is my job today.


I can not wait to guide you on this path to a healthier life, a renewed vitality with simple and accessible methods.


* NATUROPATHY is a complete and coherent system that focuses primarily on stimulating natural self healing mechanisms of the body. Naturopathic interventions are designed primarily to enable, nurture and strengthen these mechanisms rather than eliminate symptoms. They also are as gentle and non- intrusive as possible.

Among the privileged tools of a naturopath, we find, amongst others , phytotherapy, essential oils, nutrition, homeopathy, Flower Essences such as Bach and Bush flower remedies, stress relief techniques, Acupressure, etc...


TAKE YOUR LIFE IN HAND and contact me for a personal appointment.



Naturally yours,


Mathilde Grouiller

Mathilde Grouiller - Grasse