PINK October

Within the month of October, the International Month of Awareness on Breast Cancer

& in association with Pink Ribbon Monaco

Offer yourself a CLEE session

Circuits Libération Energétique Emotionnelle (Energy Circuits for Emotional Freedom)
Come and discover a soft, unique and RELAXING method. 
Like for plantar &/ palmar reflexology, it works with organs reflexes points to release tensions & emotional blockages caused by our lifestyle or some pathologies.

One hour of relaxation for only 45€
In Antibes, Grasse or Monaco practices.

50% of the fees will be donated to Pink Ribbon Monaco

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I will be happy to introduce you to the aromatic safety kit for the little ones during the Phyt'Arom Congres in Grasse Sunday, June 7th.

Come and discover the safe use and actions of the essential oils, vegetable oils and hydrolatesto soothe the little aches and pains of our little ones from newborn to the age of 7.

2 sessions of 30 minutes each (10am & 10.30am) in English &/ French.

5€ per person

All welcome! 

See you there :0)


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Happy NEW YEAR 2105
Happy NEW YEAR 2105

Together with Pink Ribbon Monaco.

Come and join us for a beautiful day out, Paddle board initiation and many more workshops all day long on health prevention in Cap Marquet beach August 23rd, 2014. 

I will explain how the emotions can affect our health and how we can turn them around with my simple and magic toolbox.

Come and meet me for this new edition of PHYT'AROM.

I will be there exclusively on Friday and Saturday morning together with Michelle Cavalier  who is the proud owner of a beautiful organic flower farm : "Le jardin de la Bastide"

Pilates & Naturopathy Intensive

Marika Gruber Absolut Pilates certified Instructor and Mathilde Grouiller Naturopath OMNES have teamed up to bring you a complete body transformation program. This program has been designed for people who want to make a big shift in their wellbeing.

Pilates is a training method with a lot of variety. The spectrum of exercises ranges from the very simple to the highly complex.The entire body receives a workout that is designed to restore the body’s natural balance of strength, flexibility and control.

Pilates is a particularly gentle fitness method, making it suitable for everyone, men and women, athletes and people who don’t exercise regularly. It enables a precise workout that is tailored towards particular parts of the body or it can be designed as a complex, full-body workout. The classes are limited to 8 persons with a minimum of 6 participants.

This coupled with the holistic approach that Mathilde Grouiller Naturopath will take to resetting your eating habits and addressing health imbalances, will deliver strong results.



Pilates and Naturopathy Intensive is a structured and disciplined 3 weeks program where you will be guided, inspired and challenged to achieve your health goals.

Choose your goal

We offer the program with a choice of focus: detox or weight loss.

Rest assured that both programs will naturally detoxify your body and help you reach your natural ideal body weight, but if you have a feeling that your system needs an extra good squeaky clean on the inside then you might choose the detox, or if you really want to focus all your attention on burning fat then you might choose the weight loss program.

Coupled with your Absolut Pilates classes, you will absolutely see results when you follow this program.

Included in the program

- 3 pilates classes / week at Absolut pilates Studio                        Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7.30 – 8.30 am

- 1 ½ hour wellbeing assessment/initial consultation the   naturopath

- 2 follow-up consultations with the naturopath



290€  per person