When was the last time you talked to someone about your health and received the time and attention that you deserve?


It is rare nowadays to talk to a healthcare professional for more than an hour and a half about our food intake, our emotions, our ancestors, our lifestyle and the small pains of the everyday life.


As a naturopath OMNES, I'm here for you !

I try to understand you in a holistic way and help you to become the master of your own health, to be happier and have a healthier life as much as possible.


I give a unique program tailored to each individual with simple and accessible methods to reach one's goal.

Consultations at the clinic in Grasse or at your Home / Yacht


(30€ on top for travel expenses beyond 20km - any subsequent patient at the same location will be charge a normal fee) 



The initial consultation lasts approximately 90 minutes    Price: 80 euros

Following consultations, last approximately 45 minutes Price: 50 euros


The lenght of the Naturopathic treatment may vary depending on your motivations and your health issues.


A new idea of health is established with you during the initial consultation for ailments to disapear.

Preventive care consultations are in average of two per year.